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TwistED: Your Chance To Contribute

Exciting news to hand! Two of my favourite women on the Interwebz (eating disorder survivors and all-round herosĀ June Alexander and Cate Sangster) are compiling a book. It’s a book about the language of eating disorders, particularly about how well-meaning comments from family/friends/professionals can be twisted by the ED Voice to make them seem harmful. Example:

Doctor: You say you’re purging 3 times a day, but your electrolytes are normal.

ED Voice: Excellent! You’re fooling them, and your body can handle the vomiting. So go harder until you get skinny, you lazy bitch.

And another one:

Daughter (weight restored) in early stages of recovery: I’m going part time at uni so I won’t be so stressed and tired.

Dad: That’s great, you’ll have more time to exercise and look after yourself.

ED Voice: He thinks you’ve gotten too fat. You are too fat. RESTRICT RESTRICT RESTRICT.

If you’re struggling with an ED, this book is a chance to let people around you know what it’s really like. If you’re caring for somebody with an ED, it’s a way to try and crack the code of what might be going on for them.

Submissions are open until March 30th, 2012 and you can get all the details by clicking through to June Alexander’s blog on the link above. So get thinking, and please spread the word!



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