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School Holiday Train Rides

I love commuting in the school holidays- there are less sad looking adults in suits, and more curious little people making observations of the world.


Four year old girl dressed in pink everything: Mum mum mum mumumumMUM!

Mother: Yes, what?

Girl, pointing at me incredulously: That girl has pink hair, Mum

Mother: Don’t point darling, it’s rude.

Girl: Can I have pink hair?

Mother: Not today

Girl: Well, what about next week?


Going past Royal Park/ Zoo train station

Mum: Look boys, that’s the zoo, where the giraffes live

Boy 1: Ooooh

Boy 2: Hmmph

Mum: What’s wrong with you?

Boy 2, grumpily and loudly: I’m EXASPERATED.

Me: That’s a big word for a little person to use

Boy 2: I’m NOT little. I’m FIVE.

Another commuter (to me): You’ve been told.


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